KIC Click Scanning Instructions

KIC Click Scanning Instructions

KIC Click  Scanners are a new option for scanning bound materials. They scan the material from overhead with each scan taking only a few seconds to complete.  There are four Click Scanners located on campus. Hunt Library has two Click Scanners, located on the 1st and 4th floor.  Mellon and Sorrells Library each have one Click Scanner.

How to scan with the Click Scanner

  1. Place the document/material face up. Place the middle of the book aligned with the blue vertical line on the scanner bed. The ideal horizontal laser guide position, as well as where to put your hands, is shown below.

    Help Desk GuideKIC Click.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro or Help Desk GuideKIC Click.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. Please read the Copyright notice.  Once accepted, the scan session will begin automatically.
  3. To scan additional pages, touch scan.
  4. Once you have scanned your image(s), select the Modify Image(s) tab.


    This will allow you to change the resolution, crop, rotated and do other edits to the scanned images.
  5. You can apply changes to all pages within your document by pressing applyto all images, located in the lower left-hand corner.

  6. Select Save/Send to choose your file type and where to send the image.

  7. You must change the file name if you are printing (example: Author.Title.pdf).
  8. You can scan to email, Google Drive, printer with Andrew Printing, a QR code for smart phones, or USB drive.  The USB port is located on the lower right side of the touchscreen monitor.
  9. For additional information, please review the user guide.

Tips for Printing!

The best format for printing is JPEG.  Large PDF files can cause printing queue delays so it’s best to save your file and print it at a later date.  Try printing a few pages at a time.


Still having problems?  Contact your nearest Reference Desk for assistance.