The University Libraries employs student assistants in each of the libraries. Typical jobs include checking out library materials, searching for bibliographic information, assisting library users, and shelving returned materials. Other jobs may include maintaining copiers, printers, and computers. Hours vary depending on the needs of each library unit. The libraries offer a competitive salary of $7.25, with additional compensation based upon time of day worked.

Applicants must be enrolled Carnegie Mellon students. Undergraduates with financial aid are preferred, but any enrolled student may apply.

Complete the online application. Interested supervisors will contact you by e-mail or phone. If you are not contacted, all positions are filled or your schedule does not fit current needs.  For technical questions about your application, please contact Deann Daniel at 412-268-2446.

Openings may also be posted on Tartantrak.

Information Assistants

Graduate students only.


Applicants must be enrolled Carnegie Mellon students.

  • No positions currently available.


Available positions are listed on Careers@Carnegie Mellon

  • No positions currently available.


Available positions are listed on Careers@Carnegie Mellon.  Please enter the job number to find the position.